Why Us?

  • We can cut the time down in reviewing leases because we have hundreds to draw from.
  • We have alternative lease clauses for virtually every issue that might come up.
  • We have reviewed leases from all the major tower companies and wireless carriers and from most of the larger regional ones.
  • We won't charge you to "research" these issues unless they are relatively novel ones we have not seen before.
  • We won't charge you for copies or for faxes or for phone bills. (We do charge for Fed Ex)
  • We understand that the leases are often time sensitive- so we won't make you wait 2 weeks while it sits on our desk.
  • We deal with cell tower lease issues daily- not once a year or every few years like many attorneys.
  • We have access to resources a local attorney would never even find, like environmental experts, and radio frequency experts.
  • We know what the "sacred cow" clauses are in each of the carrier's leases are, and won't fight for language that the carrier can't accept, unless you want us to.
  • We understand the financial aspects of the lease to the wireless carriers and can therefore address changes in terms of cost.
  • We know the practical side of the cell site lease as well- and can share how the site will impact you on a day to day basis.

Based on the above, we feel that we are the best solution for all of your cell phone tower questions and concerns. If you have been approached by a cell phone company interested in leasing your property or you have questions regarding an existing cell phone tower lease, please feel free to contact us. We will not charge you for an initial consultation and we will only take on your matter if we believe we can offer you a tangible benefit for our services.

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