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If you are looking for Sprint/Nextel's website, please visit www.sprint.com.

Cell Tower Attorney is a law firm that assists landowners approached by Sprint/Nextel with negotiating the terms and conditions of a cell site agreement. Sprint/Nextel is a registered trademark of Sprint Nextel Corporation. We are not affiliated in any way with Sprint/Nextel.

Since the merger of Sprint and Nextel, the new company has changed its standard cell site agreement. Here is an overview of some of the important provisions of the typical Sprint Nextel Cell Site Lease:

  1. Premises and Use - the Sprint Nextel Cell Site Lease always describes the property being leased, the actual square footage to be occupied by Sprint Nextel, as well as the type of equipment being installed such as antennas, microwave dishes, air-conditioned equipment shelters, cables and wiring, generators and other related equipment. It also specifies the access rights and hours in which Sprint Nextel may access the property.
  2. Term - the term is typically 5 years, and the commencement date is defined as the earlier to occur of the date that Sprint Nextel begins construction of the cell site or a specific number of months after the effective date of the agreement. The due diligence period, the time period between the effective date of the agreement and the commencement date, allows Sprint Nextel the right to perform tests and inspect the landowner’s property to determine the suitability for its intended use.
  3. Assignment/Sublet - the Sprint Nextel Cell Site Lease is freely assignable and the property may be subleased without notice or consent from the landowner.
  4. Improvements - the landowner agrees to cooperate with Sprint Nextel in obtaining any necessary zoning approvals for it to operate its equipment on the property. Upon the termination or expiration of the lease, Sprint Nextel will remove its equipment and any foundation.
  5. Interference - the Sprint Nextel Cell Site Lease provides that Sprint Nextel agrees to resolve technical interference issues with other equipment on the property caused by its equipment. Conversely, the landowner agrees not to permit other equipment on its property that causes technical or physical interference with Sprint Nextel’s equipment.
  6. Utilities and Maintenance - Sprint Nextel is required to pay for all utilities it uses on the property. If there is a loss of power on the property, it may install a temporary generator. Finally, Sprint Nextel is responsible for repairing and maintaining its equipment.
  7. Termination and Default - the Sprint Nextel Cell Site Lease allows Sprint to terminate the Agreement for any reason without any liability. If either party is in default for 30 days after written notice from the non-defaulting party, the non-defaulting party may terminate the Lease.
  8. Indemnification - Sprint Nextel and the landowner agree to indemnify and defend each other against any and all claims which arise out of the negligence or intentional misconduct of the indemnifying party.
  9. Insurance and Taxes - the Sprint Nextel Cell Site Lease requires that each party maintain commercial general liability insurance. Sprint Nextel will pay for any increase in real property taxes directly attributable to its cell site installation on the property.

Cell Tower Attorney can assist you in negotiating the Sprint Nextel Cell Site Lease and provide comments and/or suggestions to make sure that the Agreement protects you as well as your interest in the property. Because we have assisted many landowners in the past, we generally know what changes will be acceptable to Sprint Nextel without the risk of losing the lease to an alternate property nearby. During the review process, we can explain the consequences to certain provisions of the lease to you as well as include additional lease language to address specific issues unique to your property. Finally, our initial review is usually done within a week of receiving the draft agreement from you.

If you have been approached, please consider contacting us for assistance in your lease negotiation.

*** If you are looking for Sprint Nextel's website, please visit www.sprint.com. We are not affiliated in any way with Sprint Nextel.***

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