Negotiating Cell Tower Lease Language

Have you been approached by someone offering to lease a portion of your property or rooftop on behalf of Verizon, Cingular, Sprint Nextel or other cell site carrier? These individuals, known as “site acquisition specialists” or “leasing agents” are similar to real estate brokers, only they are cell tower lease brokers. Their job is to search a given geographical area for potentially eligible locations for the placement of antennas and associated equipment necessary to provide cell phone coverage. If you have been approached, your property most likely has certain attributes (i.e. its height relative to other surrounding buildings, proximity to high traffic roads or frequented destinations, or lack of other viable options) that are deemed valuable to enhancing a carrier cell phone network.

In general, the telecommunications industry is a niche industry as well as a specialized area of practice within the legal profession. Accordingly, an uninformed landowner approached by a publicly traded cell site carrier may not be negotiating "at arm’s length". At Cell Tower Attorney, we can "level the playing field" by sharing our industry knowledge and experience in negotiating many similar agreements directly with the carriers. Our staff has negotiated many new cell site leases with the largest telecommunications companies such as Sprint Nextel, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cingular, Clearwire and Metro PCS. We understand what issues are of concern to the carriers and where they are likely to exhibit flexibility.

If you need help with negotiating cell tower lease language, please consider contacting us. If you are looking for information regarding the appropriate monthly rental amount for a cell tower lease, then our related company Steel in the Air can assist you.

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