So you already have a local attorney - Why should you Consider Cell Tower Attorney?

So you already have a local attorney who assists you with your real estate matters. Why should you consider Cell Tower Attorney? First, very few attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience with cell phone tower leases. When a landowner relies on his local attorney, he or she may unnecessarily spend money on their attorney to research and get up to speed on the industry-specific issues involving cell phone tower leases. In addition, because of the lack of experience, the attorney may spend time focusing on the wrong issues and/or may completely miss relevant points of concern. As a result, you may be exposing yourself to unknown liabilities or perhaps “scare off” the cell phone company and lose the lease altogether.

Even if your attorney specializes in real estate and has negotiated a cell phone tower lease in the past, he may not know all of the “tricks of the trade” in negotiating cell phone tower leases unless he regularly negotiates such leases or actually worked for a cell phone company. As experienced attorneys who previously worked for cell phone carriers, we know what issues are relevant, what issues carriers are willing to negotiate and what issues are "deal breakers". Because we have previously negotiated hundreds of leases and stay current on technology and industry news, we will not waste your time and money educating ourselves on the industry. In many instances, we have previously worked with the carrier leasing agent or law firm that contacted you. As a result of this familiarity, we can move quicker and more efficiently than other attorneys. In fact, many people are surprised to hear that one of our most common clients is other attorneys, who seek our specialized services on behalf of their own clients. In these instances, there is usually a smooth transition of relevant documents and other information from the other attorney to us. In addition, we keep the other attorney apprised as we work through the various stages of the negotiation process.

If you have been approached by a cell phone carrier and already have a local attorney, please consider contacting us. The initial consultation is always free of charge and we are available to discuss any issues or concerns with you and/or your local attorney.

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